Curriculog FAQ


Many common questions arise when users are working with Curriculog. Please refer to the questions below for information regarding how to use Curriculog with more confidence and ease. If you have additional questions or concerns please email the Curriculum Systems Team at

I want to create a proposal in Curriculog. How do I get started?

All new uses must complete the Originator Training for Curriculog. Once you have completed all training modules email to be set up in the correct role and permissions. 

  I have proposals to review but why can't I see them in Curriculog?

First be sure you are logged into Curriculog.  If you are not logged in the word "Login" will be visible in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the icon and use your KSU Net ID and Password to log in to Curriculog. Your name will appear in the upper right when you have successfully logged in and you will see a tab on the left called "My Tasks". Your proposals for review will be listed under this tab. 

Our Department (Or College)  Curriculum Committee has changed. How do we update the members in Curriculog?

A Curriculog Administrator must add or remove Curriculum Committee Members and Chairs for both the College and Department level. Please have the new Committee Chair email with a list of the new members. 

 I cannot track the changes I made to an existing course proposal as the originator. What do I need to do to view the changes? 

Changes to an existing course or program can only be tracked once a proposal has been launched.  First an import of existing catalog information and all required fields of a proposal must be completed, then the proposal must be launched.

Once the proposal is launched the originator may make any changes to the proposal to reflect the information that will exported back to the catalog pending complete approval. Now all changes can be tracked and viewed by clicking on "Show Current with Markup" under the User Tracking tool. Finally the originator must approve their proposal. All future edits to the proposal will also be automatically tracked as the proposal flows through the approval process. 

 I forgot my PIN what do I do?

You can view your PIN by logging in to Curriculog, Click on "My Settings" under your name in the upper right. Scroll to the bottom of your Account Summary and Click on "View PIN".

If you do not have a Signature PIN or you would like to change it please email