General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment

Kennesaw State University’s General Education Council assesses its general education program. The purpose of this assessment is to measure student achievement of the learning outcomes. Data from this effort is used to improve student learning and to enhance the general education program.

The course syllabus from which you linked is a general education course. All students enrolled in all general education course sections are included in the assessment process. This means your work (e.g., exams, papers, or assignments) and the work of your student peers may be selected for closer examination by a panel of faculty and/or trained graduate students.

Your participation in the assessment process will not take any extra time from you beyond what your teacher requires as part of the course. Names and other personally identifying information will be removed from all student work. Only summarized (aggregated) information will be collected, reported and presented. There are no known risks associated with participation in this process.

Please note that you cannot opt out of the course assignments from which assessment data might be drawn. You can only “opt out” of participating in exercises that are strictly for data collection and not part of the pedagogical practice. Your decision whether to “opt out” or not will not have any effect on relations with your teacher or the institution, your grade in this class, and/or your academic records. If you initially decide not to “opt out,” you are free to withdraw or “opt out” at any time later. If you have questions, please ask your instructor, or you may contact Dr. Kristina Durocher, Faculty Director for General Education, 3rd Floor Kennesaw Hall, 470-578-6023,

If you would like to “opt out”, please indicate that at the beginning of the assessment exercise - assessment personnel have been directed to include an opt-out page at the beginning of any survey or exercise that does not affect pedagogical practice. Only data from students ages 18 or over can be included in this study. If you are younger than 18 years old, any assessment data gathered from you will be removed before the redaction and aggregation, and thus not included.