New Programs @ KSU

Creating a new program is an intense process, and is followed by close reviews by both KSU and the Board of Regents. Here you will find information about the process by which new programs are created and become part of the university curriculum. 

Note: Effective November 1, 2016, the Board of Regents will implement changes to its procedures and forms for new program proposals. Any unit currently working on a new program proposal that has yet to be submitted to the BOR should contact Academic Affairs to ensure compliance with the most recent policy changes.


    1. Department/faculty begin dialog with the college dean about potential new program(s).

    2. College dean discusses potential new program(s) with the Provost and, if proposed new program is at graduate level, with Graduate Dean.

    3. Approximately every two years, the Provost convenes the University-wide New Program Proposal Review Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Provost and President of prioritized new programs that KSU will submit to the BOR. Among the criteria that the committee considers are: 1) employer demand for the program, 2) student demand for the program, and 3) non-duplication of the program with other USG programs.

    4. Adjustments (as necessary) to the prioritized list are made by the President and Provost, determining the final list and ordering of the program proposals to go to the BOR.

    5. The approximately top half of the proposed programs in the prioritized list are included in the upcoming Academic Program Forecasting list for KSU, which is requested annually by the USG system office. (The remainder of the programs in the list, which have strong employer demand, student demand, and non-duplication data are submitted on the next year’s Academic Program Forecasting list for KSU.)

    6. If the USG system office provides positive feedback to proceed with the USG Academic Program Proposal, the Provost will communicate with the Dean for the department/faculty to complete a new program proposal in Curriculog (and attach the USG Academic Program Proposal form). This allows a review of the proposal through the KSU established curriculum review levels.

    7. As the new program proposal goes through the KSU curriculum review levels, the department/faculty reach out to the Director of Budget (Office of Budget and Planning) and the Assistant Vice President (Office of Facilities Services) to review the budget and facilities sections of the proposal, and the department/faculty sends the entire proposal to the Associate Vice President for Curriculum, Manager of Curriculum Systems and Support, and Graduate Dean (if a proposed graduate program) to review all sections of the proposal.

    8. When the proposal is approved by all KSU curriculum review levels and the President and Provost approve sending the proposal to the BOR, the Manager of Curriculum Systems and Support will get the appropriate signatures on the proposal and the Associate Vice President for Curriculum will submit the proposal to the BOR in the USG SharePoint system.

    9. If the program proposal is approved by the BOR, the new program will be implemented. If declined by the BOR, the program will not be implemented.

  • New Program Review: Forms and Process Information 

    • Includes: New Program Forms; Criteria and Procedures for New Programs; Area F System Requirements

    Board of Regents Meetings

    • Includes: Upcoming Board Meeting schedule and agendas; Archived Board Meeting minutes and agendas
    • The curriculum review process is the chain of shared governance through which all curriculum proposals must flow.

      The general series of approvals at KSU is as follows: Department Curriculum Committee > Department Chair > College Curriculum Committee > College Dean > Teacher Education Council and Education Dean (for education-related curriculum) > UPCC or GPCC > Technology Enhanced Learning Unit Head (for online and hybrid programs) > Provost.

    • The University-Wide Program Proposal Review Committee is the group responsible for making recommendations to the President and Provost on university new academic program priorities. The committee is chaired by the Provost, and consists  of the Academic Deans’s Council, UPCC Chair, and GPCC Chair.

    • The BOR has two forms: 1) Concept Paper, which is optional, and 2) One-Step Academic Program Proposal form. It is recommended that all proposed programs that KSU submits to the BOR complete the Concept Paper. This is way to get feedback from the system office on the program proposal before putting in significant work into the One-Step Academic Program Proposal form.

    • The Board of Regents provides a form template (One-Step Academic Program Proposal hyperlink). Full proposals should be created as Microsoft Word documents following this template as closely as possible. Additionally, for approval purposes, a signature line for the Budget Director should be added to the budget table (pages 7-8 of the template).